Loving Father

If I am not convinced that God is a loving father, then I question Him about every circumstance in my life. If I’m suffering, I ask “Why”? If all is good, I feel loved. Yesterday I read a post by Tony Evans.

Trials must first pass through God’s hands to reach you. Trust Him.

I can trust those who am am confident love me. My loving father is always looking out for me even when sickness, hurt, pain, confusion, etc. come into my life. I know I have a loving Father. How about you?


Tragedy & Suffering Has Drawn Our Community to God

This week 1000’s of hearts have been drawn to God through tragedy and suffering. Olivia Mills’ life of commitment to Christ Jesus before her accident has given God a launching board to proclaim His glory. Over 36,000 are following Pray for Olivia Mills and 1000’s more will probably follow. Some things to think about.
1. God is drawing masses of people to Himself. (John 6:44)
2. If you are not a believer, God is drawing you to salvation that can only be found in Christ Jesus. (Luke 19:10).
3. If you are a believer that has drifted away, God is calling you back to Himself through Christ Jesus. (Rev 2:4-5)
4. If you are a believer walking in a love relationship with Christ Jesus, talk with those being drawn about their relationship with Christ Jesus. (Matt. 28:19-20)

May we all continue to fast and pray and believe.

Feeling Forsaken?


Years ago, a friend ask me why no one put Psalm 22:1 on a T-shirt. I was unlearned as to what that verse said so I asked,

“What does it say?”

His reply,

“My God, my God,

why have you forsaken me?”

We live in a world and a Christian culture where those words are taboo. It is ungodly to ask such a question, isn’t it? Maybe not! Jesus said the same words on the Cross (Matt 27:46). The Psalmist felt like God had left him and turned deaf to his cries. He felt trouble and alone. Is there a more miserable place to be? He felt physical exhaustion and a melted heart. He was at the bottom but he continues that he will proclaim and praise God “in the midst of the congregation”. He knew God had “not hidden his face from him”. He knew God had “heard when he cried to him”. He knew he would “be satisfied”. He knew his kingship “belongs to the Lord”.

If you put Psalm 22:1 on a t-shirt you must put it on the front because that is the beginning of the song not the end. On the back you must put the last verse,

“His righteous acts will be told

to those not yet born.

They will hear about everything

he has done.”

It is not what we feel that matters the most. It is what we know.



“In the multitude of my anxieties within me, Your comforts delight my soul.”

Psalm 94:19, NKJV

It is the uncertainty of life that causes us anxiety, fear and many other unnecessary emotions.

  • We worry about what the results of our test are going to be!
  • We worry if we are going to pass a test!
  • We worry about our jobs!
  • We worry about our children!
  • We worry about our family!
  • We worry about our money!
  • We worry about our monty! (sorry thought you needed that mentioned twice)
  • We worry about our meeting with the boss!
  • We worry if we don’t have something to worry about!

The truth is the only certainty in life is God (the Trinity), His Word and His Work. It is certain that He is going to do it His way. So here are a few things you can be certain of today.

  • God is God and you are not!
  • God is good! (1 Tim 4:4)
  • God is loving! (1 John 4:8)
  • God is merciful! (Rom 9:16)
  • God is gracious! (Rom 16:20)
  • God is powerful! (Genesis 1:1)
  • God is patient! (Rom 2:4)
  • God is informed! (John 16:30)

GOD CARES! Trust Him even you you can’t see Him!

50 Quotes That Have Stuck With Me – #3


Beauty is the battleground on which God and Satan war for the souls of men.

(author unknown)

This should not come as a surprise to anyone. Think about it. We are presented with the beauty of God everyday and Satan is trying to slip us counterfeits.

God presents truth, His Son, His Spirit,  inner integrity, character, love, grace upon grace, mercy, humility and more to us as He wages war with Satan. He offers us real lasting beauty.

Satan presents greed, revenge, hatred, rejection, sex, drugs, alcohol, power and more and then covers them with lies to make them look good. He offers beauty that rots and ruins us.

Who is winning the battle for your soul? 

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Church, We Have A Problem

The line, “Houston, we have a problem!” Will forever be remember.

Swigert and then Lovell (almost) used the phrase to report a major technical fault in the electrical system of one of the Service Module’s oxygen tanks:

Swigert: ‘Okay, Houston, we’ve had a problem here.’
Houston: ‘This is Houston. Say again please.’
Lovell: ‘Houston, we’ve had a problem. We’ve had a main B bus undervolt.’1

Dan: “Okay, Church, we have a problem here.”

Church: “This is Church, Say again please.”

Dan: “Church, we’ve had a problem. We’ve had a mistaken identity”

The election is over and some are excited Obama won and others are worried because Obama won. The problems that address us this morning are not political in nature but have been brought to light through the political process. Twenty-percent of American now professes no religious affiliation. Christians are divided over social issues. Many Republican Christians say you can’t be Democrat and Christian. Democrat Christians say Republican Christians are insensitive toward the hurting in America. Democrats are intolerant of Republicans and Republicans are intolerant of Democrats. No one can really doubt that American has some major issues that must be addressed. The economy is bad, unemployment is up, abortion is still rampant, teen sex, pregnancy, and suicide are up, injustice happens, our country is divided and hurting. Here is the problem that must be addressed. This is where you and I can help by addressing the problem before us.

The church can no longer blame the politicians for not doing their job. The church can no longer think that going to church is your mandate. Republicans nor Democrats have the answers for the woes of America or the church. The church does have the answer, but she usually cowers instead of rises. She sleeps instead of fights. She is passive instead of progressive. She is silent, divided and weak. She is struggling, hurting and confused. The church is scared. The church has a mistaken identity.

We have a major problem. It appears the Church has amnesia, she does not know her identity. The Church must realize who she is and whose she is. She must realize the source of her strength, the bounty of her beauty, the power in her passion, the healing in her hands, the forwardness of her feet. She must realize the salvation in her Savior. She must realize the wisdom in her head – Christ Jesus, Lord of Lord and King of Kings. She, the Church, is the Body of Christ. She is radiant and does not reveal it. She has beauty beyond measure but hides it behind hate, blame and excuses.

The church needs to rise to the challenges that face us. We need to step out of our pew on Sunday and into our places on Monday with Christ centered passion in our heart. We need wake from our sleep and fight the good fight. We must obey with radical obedience what Christ called us to be, what the Word instructs us to do, and how the Spirit reminds us to walk. We must die to self and rise with Christ.

Obama is not our enemy nor our savior. Also, Romney is not the enemy or the savior. Our deliverer will be Jesus Christ the Son of God and no other. We must quit looking to men to solve the issues in our lives and turn our eyes upon Jesus (a song just broke out in my head, Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus).

The church might look like young David, but she is deadly accurate when she is prepared for battle. Let us fight the good fight of the faith (not politics). Let us not grow weary in doing good. Let us unite. Let us awake. Let us stand and pursue our enemy. Let us put on our armor and not withdraw. We cannot afford to be casual, careless, or calloused. We must demonstrate our strength, passion, beauty, resolve, faithfulness, and more in the pursuit of godliness and live in the righteousness that is ours in Christ.

Satan is our enemy so quit blaming it on men, political parties, and people who you disagree with.

Do you part. Be who you are suppose to be. Do what you are suppose to do. Obey as Christ is your Master. There are not excuses for dirty boots and wrinkled uniforms. Quit letting Satan mislead you with lies, weakening you through suffering, confusing you through pride and discouraging you through accusation.

You have the Word of God, The Grace of God, The Spirit of God and The Son of God, so live like it.

Hope and Change


Usually it’s a sentence that makes me go wow not a story or a paragraph. A one liner that punches me in the face and I go deaf to everything else that is said. Over twenty years ago I read a book about the faith of the early Puritans that had this sentence, “The first step in learning how to live is a readiness to die.” This morning I read this line in a Leadership Network email, ” “It was about rallying the troops around the idea of what God could do instead of what God had done.”
Many of us are very clear what God has done and for some it seems like it has been a while. When you begin to think what God can do, it changes your hope and attitude about the future. The young leaders of tomorrow are not influenced as much about your past as they are about their future. God is all about hope and change. God’s Word is about the hope we find in Christ Jesus and the change possible when we are surrendered to Him. God had these encouraging words for Isreal as bondage was on the horizon.

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope. (Jeremiah 29:11 ESV)</strong

Henry Blackaby one said, “When you say God cannot do something, you are saying more about what you believe about God that you are about God”.