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Newtown, CT – Why?


Why? Why did it happen? Why will it continue to happen? These are hard questions. As I tweeted Friday,

Today takes away all the easy answers, this drives us deep into our beliefs. 

The tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School has shaken our nation to its core. It has shaken me to my core. As I told my wife Friday, “It makes me cry.” The pain so many feel does not compare to the pain families feels in the loss of their loved one. So many, it seems, lives were ended too soon. They approached life from such an innocence. Their six and seven year old minds did not understand so much. The faces of the children as well as the adults grips your heart as you see hope in their eyes. They all had plans and looked forward to Christmas to see if their wish list was going to be fulfilled. Now, presents will go unbought, unwrapped and unneeded. It’s sad! It’s terrible! It’s painful!

There are no easy answers to the events of Friday. All my Sunday school answers seem true but not helpful in the moment. I know God is good, loving and faithful (Psalm 100:7). I know that God work things out for good for those who love Him and are called according to his purpose (Romans 8:28). I know God was not surprised by this and that He is still on His throne. I know He was not absent, asleep or uncaring on Friday. I know He was there with the teachers, children, police, moms and dads. I know that he was there as there could have been so many more killed. I know that this is not God’s fault.

This did not happen because prayer was taken out of our schools or because guns are not allowed in government buildings. This did not happen because those who are experiencing such pain did something wrong. The blame for this is to be laid at the feel of none other than the devil and his demons. Evil is to blame. Evil has been present with us since the fall (Genesis 3). Our society has grown to push God to the edges of life. He is no longer welcome in the public square. When Christ is removed as the Cornerstone (Matt 21:42, Mark 12:10, Luke 20:17, Acts 4:11, Eph 2:20, 1 Pet 2:6-7) everything begins to tilt and society becomes unbalanced. We see this everyday and will continue to see it as our nations has removed the Cornerstone of Christ and has replaced it with tolerance, relativism, political correctness and more. Our nation is tilting. It is tilting toward evil. The Cornerstone must be put back in place and it must be done with urgency. This has to first happen in the hearts of individuals then families. When that happens it will bring communities and our nation back into balance. The tragedy of Friday was mostly due to one person whose life was tilted.

The Cornerstone

must be put back in place

and it must be done with


Evil manifest itself in so many ways. We see the horrific act of Friday as evil and without a doubt it is. I just find myself wondering about this young man, yet still a boy who took these lives. He had issues without a doubt. He fought evil and lost. With his personality at what point did he feel rejected? At what point was he the recipient of jokes, laughs and mockery. Could things had been different for him? I think they could. I think he could have experienced the love of Christ and His Body and it could have made a difference. The battles he fought and lost were and are very complicated. I’m sure his mom was very aware of his difficulty but never dreamed anything such as this would happen.

We must realize that we live in a world full of evil. The Devil is seeking who he can devour. (1 Peter 5:8, see post from Thurday, Dec. 13).  We must seek Christ in every environment. We must realize our contact with everyone is important. We must pray for the community of Newport, CT. We must pray for family and friends of the victims. We must pray for our nation. We must pray that Christ once again become the cornerstone of our lives, homes, communities and nation. Evil will be with us until the return of Christ, but our God is stronger. Let us desperately pray that the hearts of people will be turned to Christ, for that is our only hope.