My Path To Being a Realtor

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I was and am called to ministry. I know I am. (I also know I AM!) When circumstances prevailed for me to pursue another way to provide for my family, I searched LinkedIn, Monster, USAJobs, AmeriCorp, UAJobs, City Jobs and more. I promise it was more. Nothing! Absolutely nothing!! I did get an interview at Lowe’s but did not get the call back. With a bachelor’s degree and two master’s degrees I was not qualified for anything.

Two years earlier I could see the storm clouds rising and thought of becoming a REALTOR. I grew up around construction,  real estate sales, was president of Concrete Cutters and Breakers (a construction and demolition company) so I have knowledge of Tuscaloosa and housing. So about a year ago I began my pursuit to get my real estates sales license. Those who are closest to me, especially my prayer group, knew my heart was not in it. Why? I know I am called to ministry. I never ceased pastoring and founded One Church Tuscaloosa with some great people and that continues today. I never wanted to do anything else. However, life demanded that I do.

Ministry found me or I found ministry in being a REALTOR. Being able to help people with one of the biggest decisions of their life and most likely the biggest financial decision of their life, ministry happens. It is not in a sermon. It is not in a lesson. It is in hands on helping people find the right home. Seeing someone for the first time be able to buy a home when they never thought it possible is ministry. Seeing a boy run through a back yard and ask his mom, “Can we make this our home?”, is ministry. I have not sold any big homes with great commissions but I have been able to help some people find their first home that they could call their own. It is ministry!! I love people and to see the joy in their eyes is very fulfilling. To help them put a plan in place to achieve a dream is ministry. I have found my voice in my vocational calling.

I am in ministry as a pastor.

I am in ministry as a REALTOR.

I can now say with the same passion that I love being a pastor and I love being a REALTOR.

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts,

   neither are your ways my ways, declares the Lord.

For as the heavens are higher than the earth

so are my ways higher than your ways

and my thoughts than your thoughts.”

Isaiah 55:8-9 (ESV)

My Real Estate Website:

REALTOR® in all caps because it is a registered term.


Avoid a Disaster


Fifty years of life has also produced 27 years of working with God and His relationship with people. I began by working with youth then transitioned to the pastorate after 2 years. I have seen much over those 27 years. Here is a lesson I have learned.

Lesson 12

Inattention results in disaster. 

A husband is inattentive to his wife and she is confused of his love. A wife is inattentive to her husband and he finds attention somewhere else. A dad is inattentive to his children so they find ways to scream out for his attention. A mom is inattentive to her children (this rarely happens) and they feel rejected. But these are all symptoms to a greater problem with greater consequences.

A Christian is inattentive to God and their world falls apart. Sometimes the disaster is so slow it is unnoticed for a while while at other times it comes like a bandit. Christian families are falling apart. Christian dads are aloof. Christian moms are overwhelmed. Christian young adults are bombarded. Christian children are growing up with a wrong picture of what Christian really means.

As a Christian what are you willing to sacrifice your family for? What is it that is more important? If you die today, your employer will hire someone else to take your place. If I die today, someone else will preach Sunday. If you have money in the bank but no love at home is it worth it? Are you willing to watch the generation that follows you to abandon God and truth for a lie? Quit making excuses!

Wake up! Pay attention! Get off your butt and do something with Jesus! Today is the day! Don’t wait! Don’t procrastinate this decision! Don’t wait until Sunday! Your family is waiting! Your God is wanting you back!

Avoid the disaster!

Listen to the song “Cats in the Cradle” and read the book Choosing To Cheat by Andy Stanley

Hay and Manure – Enjoy The Smell


Candles. Once an instrument of light now has become an instrument of scent. Now you can get a candle that smells almost like anything. The Christmas season is filled with scents. I wonder what the smell Jesus was like. He was in a barn where animals would be kept. The smell of hay mixed with manure leaves a lasting impression. We don’t usually see that in the manger scenes around town. It’s a clean Mary and Joseph and Jesus wrapped in a white cloth. Even the shepherds have this sterile appearance. Just know it was not a clean environment. Hay and manure. Take a deep whiff. That is is ministry. It is messy. It smells. We want sterile, clean with a little Christmas scent. I am reminded of one of my favorite verses. Well a verse I have to remember.

Where there are no oxen, the manger is clean, but abundant crops come by the strength of the ox.

Proverb 14:4

Where things are sterile there are no people. Where there are people there is a stink. Sterile brings nothing. Messy brings abundant crops. You want relationships without the smell of hay and manure? They don’t exist. Enjoy the smell and let’s get things done. Sometimes we have to clean up each others mess.

Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day is Over – Now What?

Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day is over and their business will continue to do well, but what do we do now. The efforts yesterday, I believe, were well deserved and the thousands that stood in line made their point. But what now? If the people that went to Chick-Fil-A yesterday would all donate $5-$7 dollars to a local  organization it would really make a difference. What if all those people showed up to buy and give out school supplies to the less fortunate? What if they adopted a school in a low income area and helped kids who show up with old clothes, no underware, and no shoes? What if they all came together to send shoes to a country where the lack of shoes opens children up to disease? What if they all fought to provide clean water so children would not die from preventable disease? If you are looking for a good place to make an impact, send me a message. Keep reading because you need to.  Continue reading

Fresh Fire

I’m Back! I back with a fresh fire. Sitting at the edge of the ocean reading a book has been my office for the past week. The evening were spent with Mary Anne, Luke and Hannah. A great and memorable time. Actually I read several books. The Organic God, Soul Detox, Mondays with My Old Pastor, Man Alive and The Pursuit of God. I will do a review on each book in the days to come but I want to tell you what God did through these books.

I was reintroduced to God at His basic (organic) character. Sometimes we get our life and brain so cluttered that we forget some basic truths about who God is and His amazing love for us. God also convicted me that I have allowed toxic matter within my soul. I must guard my heart. I also learned that ministry, real ministry, has been a challenge for ages, but God is faithful and He has called us to remain faithful to our call. I further was challenged in what it is to be a godly man and how to allow God to use me in the environments I find myself. Then I was lead to God through understanding what it is like to pursue God as He is and He desires us to be and to fight against the Americanizing of Christianity. So I have five questions for you to ponder.  Continue reading