Peace In The Storm

I have not posted in so long you might just pass this by. However, I hope you read it and maybe find a little encouragement when your storms hit.

I am finding peace in the middle of the storm. There are so many things in life right now that are uncertain, unclear, but not uncharted. The peace I have found is not in anything other than Jesus. I know God has charted the right course for my life and has taken into account every wind, current and storm. He knows where every obstacle is located and every unseen danger. He has not only placed my sin under the blood but my entire life. This came to me last night and gave me peace. Let me set up what God had done earlier in the day. We enjoyed the Lord’s Supper yesterday with our faith family. I went by Panera and got a loaf of bread so we would not have anyone choke on a wafer. We had everything prepared and ready for the observance. Mary Anne and I cut off our pieces of bread and got our cups of juice. As we prayed and took the bread, I was moved to dip my bread in my cup of juice, it soaked up the juice.


Shock was my first thought. Fear has tried to get me. Discouragement knocks at the door. Peace has protected my mind. It’s a peace given by my Jesus. I found out last night at 4:55 that I have a carcinoid tumor. The doctor said is was cancerous and needs to be removed. That news coupled with the other events of our life has created a storm of sorts. Before falling asleep last night my mind was racing and trying to figure everything out. As I did, the Holy Spirit spoke to me these words of comfort, “This tumor is under the blood of Jesus!” I pictured the bread soaking up the juice. I know this part of my life God has charted. He knows everything going on in our life right now. The winds, currents and storms have been accounted for. So, I choose to trust Jesus. I will have set backs and thoughts that spiral out of control, but I will return to Jesus. I will be in His Word. I will believe in Him.


Find Peace

You keep him in perfect peace

whose mind is stayed on you,

because he trusts in you.

Is. 26:3 

You will never find peace until your soul (mind, will and emotions) is crushed and you release everything within your soul to the Spirit of God. Then and only then will the Spirit be able to freely accomplish His will. Don’t rebuild that which God has allowed to be crushed and you have released. The first sign of rebuilding will be the emotional return to what has been released. What the Spirit of God brings back to life will be rebuilt by Him as well. It is our will, our mind and our emotions that must not return. Our life should manifest His mind, His will and His emotions. Too often the things that break our heart are not the things that break God’s heart.

Have You Been To This Place


There is one place I go when I need to find peace. It’s a place where I can get my mind off the matters of this world. It’s a place I can go where where I can focus, learn and grow. It is a place that puts peace back into my soul. It is a place where everything seem right. It is a place where I can look deep into life and come away satisfied. It is a place I don’t totally understand but I understand it enough to know I need to go there often. It is a place where all opinions are irrelevant. It is a place that undoes me then puts me back together. It is a place that hurts me in order to heal me. It is a place that reminds me I am not God and who is God. It is a place that takes away fear. It is a place I should go to more often but find myself walking past it too often. Do you have such a place? Everyone needs to find this place! I think if you go there you will find what I have found.  Continue reading

Top 10 Things to Know When You Worry

YouVersion has become one of the great apps that help us keep God’s Word with us daily. It has become a very useful tool for many of us. So, now at the touch of a finger the Bible is there. Yesterday I saw a list of the Top 10 Bookmarked verses. The number one bookmarked verse has 201,660 bookmarks. What verse do you think it is?
It might surprise you that it is…. Continue reading